02 Apr

Aeternus Studios will be releasing games for XBox Live Indie Games(XBLIG) this year on XBox Live Marketplace. So why XBLIG?

XBLIG provides a great platform for independent developers to not only monetize, but really spread the word about the company. Development time on XBLIG games can be very short which makes for low development costs, and the ability to quickly build a catalog of published titles to showcase the company’s strong points.

XBLIG games are also focused on the “bite-sized” entertainment experience, which forces us as designers to really think about elements of game-play that are fun and addicting. That takes gaming back to its arcade roots. Back then, your experience from an arcade machine could be measured by the number of quarters in your pocket.  The designers had to make the game fun to play for any length of time, from 15mins to hours. In my opinion, if you can’t build a small game, you can’t build a big game. Large games take the bite-sized entertainment and serve it up in courses. That means the large games are only compilations of smaller more definable game-play elements. The core psychology of the game experience becomes the focus in a small game.

There is a lot of potential for independent developers on XBLIG. Aeternus wants to meet that potential and expose the true capabilities of the market.

Look for Aeternus Studios on XBLIG in 2010!

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