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More Website Improvements

This week be watching for a brand new news feed to hit the website! This blog will show up there as well. It’s good stuff. Movement forward is always good. Anyway we’re expanding the scope of the news we’re going to present. Not only will you get the latest and most interesting news from Aeternus but we’ll also be posting news about other Indie games, companies, etc… Basically if we feel like talking about it, it’s going up!

See you there!

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Allied Assault Squadron is about to break 7000 downloads! #xna #xblig Help us try to hit 10,000 by the end of the week!

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If you haven’t already played Allied Assault Squadron, go check out the free trial! #xblig

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Allied Assault Squadron Hints and Tips!

Fighting off hoardes of WWII airplanes can get pretty difficult in Allied Assault Squadron. That’s why we decided to offer these Hints and Tips for people who want to get the most out of the single player experience.

Kevin and Christian talk about Allied Assault Squadron strategies


Kevin Prier – (@TheOnlyProphet)

Christian Sada – (@logatroth)

P.S. One thing we forgot to mention in the video… Even if you barely scrape past the level boss with 1 life and your tail blazing fire, you get 3 more lives to pass the next level! Have Fun!

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Allied Assault Squadron Hits Best Selling Today

Allied Assault Squadron can now be found on the first page of the “Best Selling Today” list on the Xbox Live Marketplace!

Kevin Prier – (@TheOnlyProphet)

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XBLIG Review and Passing it!

Christian Sada of Aeternus Studios talks about the XBLIG review process.


Visit the Marketplace to download Allied Assault Squadron now!

Christian Sada – (@Logatroth)

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Wallpapers Now Available Free!

Aeternus Studios and Allied Assault Squadron wallpapers are available free through and their WordPress Widget! Check it out in the side bar. Download your free wallpapers now!

If you haven’t already seen or heard of, go get it. It is one of the best file sharing services out there, and it’s free!

More wallpapers to come soon!

Kevin Prier

Follow us @AeternusStudios on Twitter!

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