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On The Agenda

This week we are having our usual Monday Meeting, followed by what will hopefully be a productive week of development! There are new screens to add to Bumper Madness. Bumper Madness is inches away from peer review so be looking for it to hit the Dashboard soon.

Also, our website has been getting a lot of love from our CEO Tod O’brien. Be sure to check it out so you can see what he’s been up to. There’s even a vector graphics based asteroids clone that you can play in your browser. Here is the link.

Have a good Monday!

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Aeternus Studios Video Update – March 14, 2011

Allied Assault Squadron website is live at

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Moving Into 2011

2011 is in full swing now and so is the studio!

There is an air of optimism hanging around the office these days. We’ve got our first game out on the Creators Club for playtest and review, we’re almost ready to begin production on our second game, and we have new machines on which to work. We’re all real excited to get started on the next release!

Allied Assault Squadron nears its final build as we complete the changes the XNA community helped us decide on during playtesting. It’s been a real up and down ride completing this game. The XNA community, however, has been awesome for helping with coding issues, locating bugs, providing a consumer opinion, etc… This year we will be able to provide similar feedback because we have people that will be testing and reviewing according to the Evil Checklist and I expect to see them on the forums often. In addition to the forums you can follow the XNA community happenings on twitter using #xna, or #xblig.

I want to thank all the community members that playtested Allied Assault Squadron. I also want to remind everyone to keep their eyes out for Allied Assault Squadron on Xbox Live Indie Games in the Xbox Live Marketplace!

Kevin (ThelonusProphet) Prier

Aeternus Studios

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Aeternus DevVlog – Episode 2

In this episode, we talk about Game State Management and some great community resources that are available on the net.

Join the XNA creators club at

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Aeternus DevVlog – Episode 1

Here it is! This is the first installment of the new Aeternus Studios development vlog!

Our intention with the Vlog is to show the indie development community a “behind the curtain” look at the development process. Our first project is a game being developed for Xbox Live Indie Games, through the XNA Creators Club. The Creators Club exists to allow indie developers the opportunity to be published on a great platform with a built in online marketplace. The community is a great one and we want to give back!

Next Week: XNA Game Studio and Game State Management

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Aeternus Studios will be releasing games for XBox Live Indie Games(XBLIG) this year on XBox Live Marketplace. So why XBLIG?

XBLIG provides a great platform for independent developers to not only monetize, but really spread the word about the company. Development time on XBLIG games can be very short which makes for low development costs, and the ability to quickly build a catalog of published titles to showcase the company’s strong points.

XBLIG games are also focused on the “bite-sized” entertainment experience, which forces us as designers to really think about elements of game-play that are fun and addicting. That takes gaming back to its arcade roots. Back then, your experience from an arcade machine could be measured by the number of quarters in your pocket.  The designers had to make the game fun to play for any length of time, from 15mins to hours. In my opinion, if you can’t build a small game, you can’t build a big game. Large games take the bite-sized entertainment and serve it up in courses. That means the large games are only compilations of smaller more definable game-play elements. The core psychology of the game experience becomes the focus in a small game.

There is a lot of potential for independent developers on XBLIG. Aeternus wants to meet that potential and expose the true capabilities of the market.

Look for Aeternus Studios on XBLIG in 2010!

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1st Milestone

We hit our first XBLIG milestone today with the completion of the first art assets!

With that, we enter production full steam, and it’s time to start handing out deadlines. mwhahaha

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